Choco aka Drums

High School Level Furry and Artist

Hey! I'm Rebecca, but most of you know me as either Choco or Drums. I'm a young female living in eastern Canada. I'm planning to pursue a career in art and design, and my dream job is Graphic Designer. I'm currently a part of the Furry fandom, and a part of the LGBTQ+ community as an Asexual Homoromantic (basically, I'm gay). I tend to use my fursona, Choco (pronounced CoCo) as a representation of me, and she tends to relate to me in a lot of ways. I suffer from ADHD, OCD, and anxiety, so please don't take anything personally. I spend most of my time on Chicken Smoothie, because I'm a lame person that has no life. My favorite food is Pizza (or Wendy's). I'm a huge Doctor Who fan, while I have also been in the Undertale fandom for some time (starting to lean away from it though). I'm also a huge Imagine Dragons and TheFatRat fan. When I'm not on Chicken Smoothie (or even when I am on Chicken Smoothie), I'm most likely on Youtube watching Bereghostgames or Markiplier.

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